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1948 CJ-2A Lefty Kalkaska, MI $4500


Looks like a solid jeep.

“Good running solid body road legal 3 speed 4 wheel drive. Basically original with the following updates done 2013. Selling to buy a new toy.
1. Carb rebuilt
2. All seats reupholstered with extra padding (your welcome)
3. Gas tank replaced
4. Muffler replaced
5. Electric system converted from original 6 volt to 12 volt
6. Transmission checked and approved by certified mechanic
7. New shocks
8. All gauges work except gas gauge”

1948-cj2a-Kalkaska-mi41 1948-cj2a-Kalkaska-mi42 1948-cj2a-Kalkaska-mi43 1948-cj2a-Kalkaska-mi44


12 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Lefty Kalkaska, MI $4500

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Needs a few things to be original. Drain holes have been filled. Seems pretty straight

  2. peter

    This seems like a decent price but given where it is you would want to look close up at the repairs to the tub.

  3. Idaho Todd

    Looks like a lot of jeep to start with. I am concerned about those drain holes being filled and extra bodywork. Might be the wrong seat frames, too new. Hey Joe, it’s got an armadillo catcher…

  4. Minnesota Chris

    I forgot all about the armadillo bar. They’re the new heavily insulated breed to be up in Michigan. They sure do get around 🙂

  5. Joe in Mesa

    I’m a bit late to the party today… and wasn’t around yesterday.
    Hey, I actually LIKE that Armadillo bar! …and the lefty jeep it rode in on 🙂
    Do you suppose Michigan armadillo’s eat buckeyes?

  6. Roy1959CJ3b

    Joe the worst thing about these heavy duty bumpers is they BEND FRAMES. Learned long ago to use a soft channel. Makes me cringe everytime I see these heavy duty bumpers.

  7. Joe in Mesa

    Roy, I do know you’re right… and it isn’t just the extra weight or longer moment arm (leverage). Something should be the sacrificial element in the system, absorbing the impact: If the bumper doesn’t deform on impact, the frame gets to.

    Unfortunately I forget this principle: just over a decade ago I was getting tired of replacing propellers on my SeaRay (falure to avoid rocks and sand bars). A wise marine mechanic kept me from buying the uber strong stainless propeller, noting that $180 aluminum props are cheaper than $1800+ outdrives!

  8. Idaho Todd

    Joe, that’s exactly what we tell our clients. Problem is that you can hardly replace a mercruiser alpha 1 gen 2 for that price any more. What year, model, length is your Searay?

  9. Roy1959CJ3b

    Just make sure you hit the Armadillos with the out side of the channel!! better a fender or bumper than a frame to replace! lol 🙂

  10. Joe in Mesa

    I’m not sure I could replace my outdrive for that price back then, but his advice made the tradeoff crystal clear. I had a 1999 SeaRay 190E, bought brand new with the 5.0 liter Alpha (Mercruiser). I loved it, but salt water is cruel. After 10 years of mooring it in a slip every Summer (Jersey shore) there wasn’t much left to pass on to my son in law when we moved to Arizona. He kept her alive another 2 years but she’s gone now as someone else’s project/scrap.

  11. Idaho Todd

    Joe, that’s a nice little searay. We take care of several of those. Sorry to hear about the salt, it never does any favors to anything… well maybe corn on the cob! I think you need several jeeps to make up for her…

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