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1943 MB? East Wenatchee, WA $3500


Of course, it isn’t all stock, but still worth a look. It kind of runs. McLeary is a wet area, so check for rust.

“Hey there, you are looking at a stock Willy’s Flat fender with a L head ford 134 4 cylinder in it. I helped my brother in law out who needed cash, but really do not have the room or time for another jeep project. My father in law did a full brake job,and tune up 4 years ago, and the jeep has not been on the road since. I went to Mcleary, Wa with a battery, 5 gallons of fresh gas and a trailer. I was able to get it running and drive it onto the trailer in just a few mins. It will need lots of tinkering to make it a driver, but the bones are all there and in good shape. Please not trades, or payments. Just looking to recoup my costs. 19k miles on the Odometer, but who knows at this age. ”

1943-mb-eastwenatchee-wa1 1943-mb-eastwenatchee-wa2 1943-mb-eastwenatchee-wa3 1943-mb-eastwenatchee-wa4



2 Comments on “1943 MB? East Wenatchee, WA $3500

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Was diamond plate stock back then? 🙂 where’s the stock oil bath air cleaner, original seats, original bumper, wheels, etc? The wiring needs to be cleaned up (obviously not stock). It’s a trail jeep now.

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