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1950 Jeepster (Kaiser and other vehicles too) Lisbon, OH **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: The ad has disappeared off Craigslist. **Status Unknown**

Seth spotted this ad. If you are looking for some Kaiser cars, there are a few for sale. There’s also a CJ-3B behind the Jeepster, but I didn’t see a reference about it for sale.


“My family got into the car dealership business in the early 40’s. Kaiser Willys AMC Jeep Studebaker Nash . My grandpa started the Kaiser Willys dealership in Lisbon, Ohio and had collected cars along the way. My dad took over the dealership in 1988 and stopped selling new vehicles when Chrysler took over. But continued to service old and new cars and take care of customers, Along with selling many of the Jeep parts still in the parts room today.

My grandpa has since passed and the collection is too much for my dad to handle. I live here in Phoenix and do a lot in the car community along with being in the vintage car service industry myself. The cars are located in Ohio but With all that is going on in Scottsdale this month I thought I would post up here what is for sale to see if there is any interest. My family couldn’t afford to ship the cars out here and run them threw the Auctions but let me know if you have any interest or want more info.
I flew back to Ohio last summer to photograph them all. While doing that my dad and I actually got all of the cars to start and drive. Most of the collection has been in the shop and untouched since the early 90’s. This is I guess what some would consider a barn find. I just consider it a great collection that needs someone that can enjoy the history and appreciate the quality cars they are. Following cars are for sale:

1923 Stanley Steam car 740B = $72,500
1917 Overland touring = $ 14,000
1950 Willys Jeepster = $19,500
1954 Kaiser Special (green) = $12,500
1954 Kaiser Manhattan (blue) = $13,500
1955 Willys Burmuda = $8500

I have posted a pic of each car. Please let me know if you would like any further info on any of the cars. I have several pictures of each one for someone that is interested. The more cars you by the better the deal I can make. I have two cars that I am wanting to keep for my dad and I am only mentioning these to show that my grandpa had great taste in his collection and we would like to keep those as a reminder of the business he built.

1932 Willys Roadster (not for sale)
1954 Kaiser Darrin (not for sale)

I dont need any help selling these cars. Serious buyers only. Not looking for trades either unless its for trading for Cash. thanks for looking. The signs are not for sale either.”


4 Comments on “1950 Jeepster (Kaiser and other vehicles too) Lisbon, OH **Status Unknown**

  1. Keith

    Looks like the ad was pulled.

    I’ve been there several times, and seen the Darrin.

    No contact info>>

  2. Tim Colston

    Interested in the ’50 Jeepster, is it available? Do you have additional info, pictures, mileage ….
    thanks in advance for your reply

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Tim,

    The ad was flagged on Craigslist, so I don’t know if they sold, or if someone is playing games, or what is going on with this ad. If I see an updated version I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

  4. Bob

    I know this family well. The Jeepster was put together from parts they had in inventory. I’ve sat in the Stanley and remember the old man Driving the Darin.

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