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1963 DJ-3A Surrey Coshocton, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD* on eBay.


1963-dj3a-surrey-marathon-fl1 1963-dj3a-surrey-marathon-fl2 1963-dj3a-surrey-marathon-fl3 1963-dj3a-surrey-marathon-fl4

“Offered for sale is our 1963 Willys Jeep Surrey. This car was restored in our automotive restoration shop CASCO Automotive Restorations, a division of Classic Auto Supply Co., in Coshocton Ohio in 2004 and shortly thereafter transported to the Florida Keys where it has been since then. The odometer shows 37,600 miles. I do not believe this to be correct. The Serial Number is 5633722482.
For more information about the Jeep Surreys (called the Gala when first introduced) and the history and restoration of this Surrey please visit the nice article done by Old Cars Weekly magazine which can be found at Old Cars Weekly, Car of the week. older posts until you get to May 1, 2013.

What this Surrey is:
This car is restored to factory original EXCEPT:
• The original 13″ wheels were replaced with 15″ wheels as used on the earlier Surreys because I liked the look of the 15″ hubcaps used on the earlier cars. The original bias ply tires were replaced with radials.
• The original windshield glass was clear, we replaced it with tinted.
• I added an AM/FM/CD radio and speakers (all weather designed for marine use), not on the original car.
• During the restoration we coated the bottom of the body with a truck bed-liner product prior to color paint to help protect the underside of the body and reduce the chances of stone chips.
As it came from the factory this Surrey, like all others, is a 3 speed column shift vehicle. The 60 hp engine is a 134 cu. in. 4 cylinder L- head and is, I believe, the same engine that powered all Jeeps used in World War II. The car is 125″ long, 57″ wide, 63″ high, and weighs ready to drive 2600 lbs.
Also, in addition to being fun to drive, it is great to watch the enjoyment that others display when they see it drive by. I couldn’t begin to guess how many cell phone pictures have been taken of this car while going down the road or in parking lots.
What this Surrey is not:
This car is not a show car. It was built for us to drive and enjoy which we have done during our winter stays in the Keys for the past 10 years. By not a show car I mean that one will find places where it is not “perfect” for example some flaw spots in the bumper chrome (see photos), some surface rust in spots on the underside, and rust on the exhaust pipe.
This is not a high speed highway car. It will drive safely at 50 mph and will make it to 55mph or so but it is most comfortable at 45 mph or below.
So what’s it worth?
I honestly don’t know, but I do know that Surreys have sold in the last year or so at auctions at or near to $50,000. Although I didn’t personally get to look at these cars I assume that they were fresh restorations that would score well in a concours judging.

1963-dj3a-surrey-marathon-fl5 1963-dj3a-surrey-marathon-fl6

The bottom line, of course, is what is it worth to you — what is it worth to have and enjoy a fun car that turns heads. Only you know the answer to that.
I’m offering this car at $30,000.
Purchase details:
The car is available to be viewed by appointment in Key Colony Beach FL (Marathon area of the Keys).
The car is being sold in the Marathon area of the Florida Keys and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pick up the car or to make arrangements for shipment. I am willing to help if possible.
The purchaser will be required to make a deposit of at least $500 within 2 days and a final payment by certified funds within 10 days.
Thank you for looking, even if you decide not to buy I hope that by reviewing this listing you have grown to understand and appreciate the rare Jeep Surrey.”






18 Comments on “1963 DJ-3A Surrey Coshocton, OH **SOLD**

  1. Bill Brown

    This car belongs to me and it is no longer in the Florida Keys, we have moved it to our home in Coshocton, OH. Also, we have lowered the price to $23,000.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks Bill. I’ll update the post and schedule it to appear near the top of the front page on Tuesday.

    – Dave

  3. Bob

    Hey Bill, were you going to bring this to the Spring Reunion this year? I remember someone from Coshocton with a Surrey had signed up but did not show.

  4. Bill Brown

    Thanks guys for your interest.

    Henry, I tried to call you but was unable to leave a message. Thanks for your offer but I think $23K is a fair price for this car, I had about this amount in the restoration costs alone and I own the restoration shop.

    Bob, yes I was going to bring the Surrey up and very disappointed that it didn’t happen. On my way out the door to load the car in the trailer, I fell and severely damaged a recently replaced knee. My wife & I did make it to the reunion but not with the Surrey. If it’s not sold I’m looking forward to bringing it up next spring. I love showing off this car.

    Al, I’m new to this site and have no idea how to send you an e-mail, sorry.

  5. Bob

    Bill, sorry to hear you injured yourself. I’m kinda dealing with a similar situation right now. I hope you sell it, but I also hope to see it in the spring!

  6. keith

    I met Bill this weekend in Hudson, and the Surrey is a beauty.

    Nice folks, and a nice vehicle.

  7. Colin Peabody

    This would be an excellent Surrey to buy. Bill has taken very good care of it.

  8. Bill Brown

    Thanks for all of the kind comments both toward me and our Surrey. It is a great little car, I was lucky to find it right here in my home town and after we restored it and took it to the Keys it was a great car to drive and watch the enthusiastic reaction from folks who saw it. But, for me, it was time to move on and that’s why I sold it.

    By the way, the gentleman who bought it is also restoring a pink Surrey. He claims that since the pink Surreys are so much favored that they are worth measurably money. Hmmm interesting, I’d not heard that before. No matter to me, I still prefer the blue.

  9. mmdeilers Post author


    Congratulations on the sale!

    Regarding the Pink vs. non-pink debate, it’s not clear to me that pinks fetch higher prices than the others. Generally, it seems to be the originality and condition of the surrey determine the price, along with the forum (Selling at Scottsdale for example might fetch higher prices). In addition, so few blues, greens or Pepsi yellows hit the market that I don’t feel there is enough data to draw any color-based conclusions.

    – Dave

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