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1942 MB Petaluma, CA $8500


Seller is in middle of a rebuild.


“Over this Memorial Day weekend, consider buying yourself the quintessential American vehicle that won WWII. With a very heavy heart I have decided to part with my jeep. I did a complete restoration on this jeep back in the late 90’s, had it in several Petaluma Veteran’s Day Parades, and used it as a regular driver for a long time. I drove the hell out of it, so much so that it needed to go through another rebuild.

And that is where she is today, in the middle of a rebuild. However, I find that I am at an impasse and I’m just not getting this project done so it’s time to go. A lot of the work has been done, a lot of work has yet to be done. I have shelves and shelves and boxes and boxes of every piece, part, and component for this little jeep. Everything is there. I’m fifteen hundred or so into the motor rebuild but never did finish that piece of the puzzle. I’ve got so much time and money and sweat and passion put into this jeep; I’ll never be able to recoup a fraction of it but if I can pass it along to someone who will keep its history alive I’ll be satisfied.

When I restored this jeep I replaced most of the body components with aftermarket pieces; so the tub was replaced, as were both fenders. As is common with these vehicles, there is nice mix of original, NOS, and replica parts. Upon completion this is an absolutely correct jeep, whose value will more than double.”



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