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Sidewalk Jeep Design from Popular Mechanics (Jeep for Sale)

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UPDATE: Harry Warholak’s father built a Sidewalk Jeep from the plans in Popular Mechanics when he was a kid in Detroit. Ten years ago he restored it. It spent a year at the Chrysler Museum. Now he’s interested in selling it. You can contact him at 586-996-4103 if interested. He’s located in Georgia.

sidewalk-model-jeep1 sidewalk-model-jeep2 sidewalk-model-jeep3 sidewalk-model-jeep4

PREVIOUS POST (February 2013): This kids jeep design was published in the January, 1948, issue of Popular Mechanics and available for free at Google. It is powered by an electronic motor.  It looks as difficult to build than a standard jeep!  The notes added to this particular issue are interesting, too.  The top note appears to reference a 1949 Christmas Handbook that might also include these drawings.

View issues of Popular Mechanics, January 1948, for sale on eBay








10 Comments on “Sidewalk Jeep Design from Popular Mechanics (Jeep for Sale)

  1. Bob

    Also, I had no idea you could read entire magazines from back then. I have quite a collection of these from about 1928-1950 at home. In the same magazine there is a small thing about a jeep fumigating a house.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Yep, pop mechanics, pop science and life magazine are just three of the magazines that google provides for free. they are also searchable. Despite past searches for ‘jeep’ in those magazines, I’m still uncovering stuff as you can see.

    I will check out the fumigating article. Thanks!

  3. Harry Warholak

    Have one that my Dad made for me in Detroit. Had it restored 10 years ago and want to sell. 586 996 4103

  4. Christian Walters

    How much are you asking for the jeep, Harry? Where are you located in Georgia?

  5. Mom

    That is just awesome. If my dad had had a son, I could see him building one for him. Fortunately, for my sister and I, we were both girls so we got a horsy swing instead.

  6. Blaine

    These are built from scratch so one can follow the plans and build a new one. Well maybe something different than a war surplus hydraulic transmission.

  7. David Eilers


    That’s great to hear! If you’d like, please send me an email ( when finished and I’ll be happy to post photos of it for readers to see.

    – Dave

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