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1944 MB Stolen at Cambridge UK Show

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Keep an eye out for this stolen 1944 MB(?) taken from the Imperial War Museum Duxford in Cambridgeshire, UK. Its registration is AMB644 and the hood number is 20497753-S. It was formerly stationed at Pearl Harbor.




3 Comments on “1944 MB Stolen at Cambridge UK Show

  1. Joe in Mesa

    OMG… really?
    Displaying at shows are one place I wouldn’t think to worry about my WWII jeep going missing. I’m much more worried about the “photo op kids” damaging something.
    Sad ;-(

  2. Jay in Gilroy

    So somebody just walked up and took it? There must be a story there somewhere. Im sad that the jeep was intrusted to the display, and this happened.

  3. David Eilers


    I just did some additional searches. I see no evidence or reports it was ever found.

    – Dave

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