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1942 MB Project Haymarket, VA $3800

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It’s pretty rough.


“I bought someone else’s stalled work in progress several years ago as a 2nd undertaking for me and my son. My boy’s attending college now, so our second Jeep isn’t going to happen. The guy who had the ’42 before us did quite a bit of work on the rolling chassis and tub, but otherwise just bought and stockpiled new parts.

THE BAD — Easier to list what’s not in the “basket” than what is:
• Doesn’t have center data plate or frame tag
• No inner windshield frame
• No instruments other than a fuel gauge
• No radiator, top bows, or distributor..

• Exceptional chassis, no cracks or deep rust at all.
• Original Tub: prior owner installed a new front floor (less tank well). New rear floor panel standing by.
• ’44 engine from a Hobart Welder. “S” bore, Nil wear (Rattle-can rebuild). Head tanked, flux’d, resurfaced — no cracks.
• VA title, “41 WILLYS”, KY assigned VIN.
• From the original floor’s toe board gusset #97753, correct VIN would be early December 1942, MB194000 – MB 196500 (if the tub is original to this frame)
• New leaf springs, shackles and tie rod ends already installed.
• Repro wiring harness, new in the bag
• All 3 seat frames.
• Gusset plates, and new spring mounts already in hand to replace Bubba’s bumper.
• Correct T84 and transfer case, condition unknown.”



2 Comments on “1942 MB Project Haymarket, VA $3800

  1. Merlin Hanson

    This one is not as bad as it looks. I saw it in person when I bought a WW2 Bantam trailer from the owner a couple weeks ago. Owner is great fellow, very straightforward. This Jeep is almost a steal for all it comes with. Straight frame, redone axles and springs, comes with an almost complete set of original parts in good shape and new ones as well like front frame horns. Engine is out of a generator with a cleaned and planed head. The engine shows no wear so it must have been LOW hours.

    You have to take a Jeep apart to do the work anyways and that part of the job is mostly done. Body is very restorable. He has already dropped the price and will not go down further. From what I saw the price should be much higher.

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