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MBs & GPWs at Tegernsee

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This article out of Germany includes over forty photos of restored MBs and GPWs. They all gathered at Tegernsee.



5 Comments on “MBs & GPWs at Tegernsee

  1. Dave

    There are a few things that look Hotchkis to me. The body tub does not appear to have the notch cut out in the instrument panel and it looks like the driver’s side interior body cowl pillar has a sharp bend, rather than the curve that a mb or gpw has.
    Here’s a website that photo documents the differences. (I hope it’s OK to post here, Dave.) Take a look about half way down page 2 of the site for the photos of the cowl pillar.

  2. CeePee

    Hello Steve, Dave and Mark,
    first of all let me thank you for mentioning us on your site!
    I initiated this exclusive Jeep-meeting here in Tegernsee, starting in 2012.
    It’s all about the 1941-1945 Willys MBs, Ford GPWs and (as they almost look the same) Hotchkiss M201.
    That’s why you don’t get Kuebelwagen a.e.
    You’re absolutely right: The SAS is a Hotchkiss!
    Maybe you want to have a look on the site again. In the meantime you can find some more great pictures.
    The next meeting will be on July 2nd.
    Let’s keep’em rolling!

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