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Robert Flores Illustrates Me & Biscuit

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Roberto surprised me today with an illustration of me and Biscuit. How cool is that! Thanks so much! I’m even more handsome than I imagined, lol 😉



9 Comments on “Robert Flores Illustrates Me & Biscuit

  1. Mike

    Great caricature art, I can truly appreciate Roberto’s creative talent. Dave, this would be a good “logo” to promote EWILLYS.

  2. Pascal

    You look great! But you will need to give biscuit a liitle bit more of love if you want to ride it again like this! How is Biscuit? Any progress?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I’ll think about making up some t-shirts. I wouldn’t mind one myself.

    The t-shirts and Biscuit will have to wait for the completion of my book proof. Coincidently, today I’ll be making my last major editing changes to it before I print the first round of three proofing books. For me, this is a huge personal milestone, something I’ve been researching since 1990. It’s my “Knarly Rolls” (Alaska Paul’s stainless project). Except for our trip Texas trip this year, I’ve spent most of my non-ewillys time since June of 2014 condensing my research into a 500 page look at my family’s fight with the Guggenheim family in 1921. It’s been an education for sure!

    While I wait for the books to be printed, I hope to spent some time and a little money reassembling Biscuit. Ann will be gone for another week at least, so this is a good time to make some progress on the book and on Biscuit.

    – Dave

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