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Jeep Photo from National Museum of the AF

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Ann and her mom dropped by Dayton today to visit the National Museum of the Air Force. She didn’t find any jeeps, but she did run across this neat photo.



4 Comments on “Jeep Photo from National Museum of the AF

  1. Michael Myers

    No Jeeps? At Wright-Patt AF museum there is one display of a WWll bomber that has MB’s sitting around the ground under the plane, and next to that is a WWll transport with an MB inside…. lol

  2. npd811

    This is just a SWAG, but maybe it means “Average number of aircraft or air cargo incoming today” ?

    SWAG=silly wilda$$ guess

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I was surprised she didn’t see any others. But, she’s got a pretty good eye for them. Maybe she and her mom didn’t see the whole museum? She was probably all doe-eyed over the planes and bombs that she missed any other jeeps. I will investigate this breach of marital duty!

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