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Puzzling Through DJ-3A Bezels

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The DJ-3As guys were exchanging emails the other day about a little known change in headlight and parking light bezels and housings during its production run. I’ve organized the information they sent and found additional information online. Hopefully, I got everything correct.

For the DJ-3A, the parking light and headlight changes occurred in 1959, with the DJ-3A switching from the 2A/3A headlight and parking lights to the later model parts. Other models (CJ-3Bs, trucks, CJ-5/6s, and wagons) had their parking lights changed in 1956.



From 1955 to UP TO 56337-15802 in 1959 the DJ-3A used the same headlight bezels as the CJ-2A/CJ-3A. Some people call these the flat bezels and the later models bug eyes.
Autolite headlight (early) UP TO 56337-15802 HL DOOR
– (CHROME) WO 643732
– (BLACK) WO 640695



From 56337-15802 in 1959 to 1964 the DJ-3A used the later versions, also used by the CJ-3Bs, trucks, Jeepsters, wagons, CJ-5s (1955-1971), FCs, and CJ-6s.
AFTER 56337-15801 HL DOOR (CHROME)
– WO 649518


The way the headlight bezels mount is also different:




From 1956 to 1959 56337-14103 the DJ-3A used the same parking lights and bezels as used on CJ-3B 1953-1956, CJ-5/6 1955-1956, Trucks 1953-1956, and Wagons 1953-1956.
– (BLACK ENAMEL) WO 910199 (1956 ONLY)  2 3/4″ diameter
– (STAINLESS STEEL) WO 119204  2 3/4″ diameter
– Lens WO 119206


From 1959 56337-14103 to 1964 the DJ-3A used the same parking lights as the post 1956 CJ-5/6s (til ’63), Trucks, Wagons, and FCs,
For Lamp Code (KADH)
– (Bezel) WO 718140 6 or 12V 2 1/4″ diamater
– Lens WO 718138 6 or 12V 2 1/4″ diameter


The parking light housing was also different. The early housing mounted with horizontal holes, while the later housing mounted using vertical holes. The CJ-3B sites explains the differences.



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  1. Blaine

    For the later headlight bezel I’ve found that early 50’s Dodge cars and early 70’s Dodge Motorhome are the same fit but have the Chrysler part number and maybe a slightly “build”.

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