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1957 Fire-Fighting Jeep Article

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This photo and article was published in the August 29, 1957, issue of the Reading Eagle from Reading, Pennsylvania. It looks to be a CJ-2. It sounds like it has been refurbished into a brush fire-fighting jeep. The article indicates this would be called Jeep No. 11, yet it is labeled Jeep No. 1.



3 Comments on “1957 Fire-Fighting Jeep Article

  1. Mark S.

    I am surprised that they purchased a used CJ-2A for $645, I wonder what a new 1957 CJ-5 cost back then. I don’t know how big Reading was back then, maybe they were being fiscally responsible.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    The DJ-3A Dispatcher was around $1400 new in 1957. I ran across one jeep with a list price of $2100, but the ad did not mention the model. I would say the CJ-5 was priced in the upper teens to $2100.

    – Dave

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