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BRC75 Just Ended in League City, Texas

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For those not on Facebook’s Austin Bantam Society’s page, you missed some great photos from BRC75, the seventieth anniversary of the original Bantam BRC. Bill Spear discusses the Bantam’s origins on this post. Both photos below were taken at one of the group’s event at the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum.


brc75- bantams

brc75- bantams2


3 Comments on “BRC75 Just Ended in League City, Texas

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Very cool photos… especially the first one. It would have been great to be there in person.

  2. Zack Magnusson

    It was an amazing event. We took the museum’s BRC out to Texas for the party. The outdoor photo is on the BRC cruise around town Friday morning. The indoor shot of all the BRC’s is at Dr. Terry Williams’ museum in League City. We wish it was taken here at our museum!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the additional notes Zack. You organize a similar event at your museum and I’ll be there! How about BRC80? 🙂

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