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1943 Photo of Marines in Guadalcanal

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That’s quite a photo.

“WWII U.S. Marines on Guadalcanal Riding in Jeep with Skull on Hood Press Photo”

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6 Comments on “1943 Photo of Marines in Guadalcanal

  1. Mark S.

    I assume the tow rings and hooks are field modifications, I have never seen them before. I can not tell if the bent bumper interferes with the tire when turning.

  2. Gayland Leddy

    Having participated in the recent unpleasantness, I can say that if these marines were doing that today, they would all be tossed in the brig. possesion of human remains was against General Orders. We live in a Different World.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Gayland: Thanks for that note. I didn’t know that about the Marines. Is it true for other branches?

    Mark: I thought those rings a curious field mod as well. Also, to me those bumpers look like they were purposefully bent inward.

  4. richard grace

    That is a USMC contract Willys MB. The tow hooks and tie down rings are factory equipment on the USMC contract jeeps. It is probably a 1942 model as it still has the solid steering wheel. Typically, the windshield has been discarded. Somewhere in the South Pacific there must be a huge pile of USMC windshields. You hardly ever see a USMC photo with the windshield still attached…….-RG

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I should have noticed the tow hooks, but I was bedazzled by the rings. I didn’t remember the rings were a part of USMC jeeps.

  6. Mark S.

    The tie down rings reminded me of USMC M38-A1’s, but I was not aware of USMC MB’s, Thanks RG for the info.

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