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1942 MB San Jose, CA Make Offer

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Needs a pedal fix. The body has a drain hole for some reason. Might be a replacement tub.

“I have a working driving and good condition 1942 willys military version original engine and tranny and everything else has soft top as well newer tires carb just redone. please make me an offer as I did not put one so we can see where you stand first on price. please don’t call with a low ball price it’s insulting to the jeep.  It should be noted that the only thing needs to be done is a new gas pedal simple fix other than that it’s ready to drive”



4 Comments on “1942 MB San Jose, CA Make Offer

  1. Jay in Gilroy

    Whats the deal with the slit in the tub by side step? isnt that a giveaway that its a post war tub? Also, it looks like it has a tailgate. The body lines look like they dont line up.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    It looks like a drain hole, but it seems kind of large to me? It definitely has a tailgate and I don’t see any tool boxes on the rear wheel wells. Maybe it’s an odd reproduction body or someone inserted a military glove box into the dash?

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