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1945 Photo of CJ-2A Posthole Digger Demo **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Now, why are they putting a pole in the middle of the field?

“1945 Press Photo Willys-Overland Motors unveils postwar Jeep on post-hole digger”




(Sold on eBay May 2015)

“1945 Men Using Willys Overland Jeep to Power Post Hole Digger Press Photo”




9 Comments on “1945 Photo of CJ-2A Posthole Digger Demo **SOLD**

  1. Idaho Todd

    Oh Dave, that’s not a hole in the middle of the field. The prior row of post holes are probably just out of view for the fence they are building. Most likely, they are sub dividing a great piece of farm land because they are greedy land developers. Now that land will never produce food again. Then homes will be stacked in like cord wood and way too many people will be living on such small parcels of dirt. The natural resources will be depleted and a cycle of decay to our society will soon take its toll. Finally proving once again, that greed will eventually entomb us all! Or… it could be just a hole.

  2. S Giraud

    Looks to be one of the prototype CJ-2 models. One can see it does not have the willys logo on the tailgate, no exterior gas filler.

  3. James manley

    cross fencing a field into 4 little fields yield more grass growth because they dont walk it to death and less parasites in cows

  4. Steve E.

    …cleaver enough question to gain so many responses, Dave. (lol)

    The few trees in the photos have no leaves, so it’s the wrong time of year to be digging a hole to plant a tree. It looks to me that this is a Right-of-Way fence to keep livestock away from the road on the right side of the photo. The Jeep Operator can line himself up with the posts in the distance to form a nice, straight fence line. The ground man can give him the post spacing and the operator doesn’t have to leave his seat, except when nature calls.

    What caught my attention in this picture is that the ground man is applying down-pressure on the auger. That’s the problem with using a tractor with a 3-point hitch, or this 4-point hitch. Backhoes or Bobcats work the best for digging post holes because they can exert a lot of down pressure. Without down pressure augers just spin in hard ground.

    Technology just hasn’t changed much in the past 70 years. A flight auger is still the best way to make a hole in the ground.
    **Steve E.**

  5. Doug In Ohio

    I know that in soft dirt a post hole digger can try to screw itself into the ground,and using a tractor of the vintage of this jeep,I can say that the three point strained to lift the auger out of the hole if I let it go in too far too fast.It takes a little bit of getting used to a tractor with no live pto or live hydraulics.I have never operated a jeep with a pto.I believe I am correct that a jeep has live hydraulics but not a live pto.As Bob pointed out this jeep has no three point.I cannot see how the auger would be raised from the hole.Anyone familiar with this type of post hole digger?

  6. colin peabody

    The date on the press release is consistent with the testing that was done at CESOR Farms in July, 1945, so this was no doubt a demo photo done earlier in the year( no leaves on the trees) for the media and VIPS invited to those tests. No rhyme or reason as to why or where they dug that post hole! Those tests used a mixture of MB Jeeps, CJ Jeeps Agri-Jeeps and CJ2A Jeeps, or a combination of them!

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