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1963 Traveller Wagon Tacoma, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Dan let me know this Traveller is for sale.

“One owner 1963 Willy’s Traveller with the 230 tornado engine. It has the rare roof mounted spare tire rack, the high roof with the outer rounded fender wells. Also has the inner cut fender wells for the fold down seats and a PTO winch. The only major rust on the rig is the driver floor boards will have to be replaced.”











5 Comments on “1963 Traveller Wagon Tacoma, WA **SOLD**

  1. Steve E.

    I’ve seen this Traveller, and it’s worth bidding on. I think the FC in the background is still for sale, too.

    Dan, I was looking at the serial numbers and I just learned that they changed how they numbered the vehicles from ’63 to ’64. Your ’64 Traveller is described differently than this ’63 Traveller. I probably heard about that in the past, but now I’ve learned it.

    **Steve E.**

  2. Idaho Todd

    Hi Dan, I’m headed over to Seattle this weekend to pick up a Renegade 2. I’m thinking I should stop by and take a look at this traveller. The vin indicates it was built 160 before my orange one I shared with everyone here this spring. Appears very complete and would look cool parked next to the other one…might need to ring you up if it’s that nice!

  3. Dan

    Thanks Steve E. I’d love to learn more about the serial number (prefix?) changes. It sounds familiar, but my brain’s a little foggy this AM.

    Idaho Todd, yes please call anytime. The only thing better than one Traveller would be two!

    I haven’t met the seller in person yet, but he’s a great guy. We have communicated many times over the past few years about Travellers. The seller is also on OldWillysForum and has (or has had) a few other Parkways and Travellers and has helped me out with my ’64. Also, when I had Achilles surgery a few years ago and was couch-bound, he mailed me a few Jeep magazines to help pass the time. Awesome guy.

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