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1952 M-38 Blythewood, SC $18,800

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This looks good. I’m a little puzzled by the bulge just in front of the tools on the passenger side. Maybe that’s just an illusion of some kind?


“Turnkey 1952 M38 Willys Jeep for sale. Parade and show condition ready. Steers and tracks well. No Rust or Rot issues….. On frame Refurbished 3 years ago with original NOS parts and recently upgraded with New tires, new canvas installed, turn signals, new seats, rear seat and much more. Original axe and shovel in great condition as well as canvas top. 24V system, easy to use and maintain. Jeep has been completely overhauled and serviced.. pls see the list of work that has been done to this vehicle over the past 5 months. You will not be disappointed, this M38 is ready to roll into anyone’s collection. Clear SC title and Bill of Sale will be provided to winning bidder/buyer.

As you can see from the list of work and new installed parts this jeep will be around for a long time. The parts list and cost sheet is included in the listing to ensure the new owner knows what they are buying.. and the vehicle is not misrepresented in any way.

Total Vehicle Repair Costs- $10,854.62

1. Engine Work Labor-$3,224.76
a. Replaced all Valves, Springs, Retainers, Locks & Adjusters, install new intake and exhaust studs.
b. Remove Cylinder Head, Clean and Replace, installed new Cylinder Head Studs
c. Rebuild Distributor
d. Compression Check
e. Fabricate new fuel line and filter
f. Fabricate new vent line to Carb
g. New Carburator installed
h. Removed and installed new rear main engine seals
i. Resurfaced mating face of Oil Pump Pickup… replaced o-ring from oil pickup.
j. Installed new fuel pump
k. Installed new fuel sending unit
l. Installed new fuel pickup in tank

2. Services Labor-$279.87
a. Change all Fluids- Transmission, transfer case
b. Engine Oil Change
c. Rear Differentials oil changes

3. Brake Services Labor-$456.87
a. Adjusted Parking Brake
b. Adjusted and turned all four brake drums
c. Installed new Brake Shoes
d. Installed new Master Cylinder
e. Bleed Brake system, install new fluid

4. Turn Signal System Install Labor-$567.91
a. Installed new 24 volt turn signal system
5. Install new Engine Gauges-$176.99
a. New Oil, Volt, Temp Gauges
b. New Speedometer Cable

Total Engine and Brake Work Repair Labor Costs-$4.706.40

1. New Engine Parts Costs-$1,834.06
a. Distributor Cap-$69.00
b. Cuno Oil Filer-$85.00
c. M38 Turn Signal Kit-$377.25
d. Engine Parts-Valves, Retainer Locks, Springs, Adjusters-$330.25
e. Oil Pan Seal-$9.50
f. Rear Main Engine Seal Kit-$35.00
g. Engine parts- Studs, Head Gasket (Copper), Manifold Studs, Valve Cover Gasket Set, Manifold Gasket Set- $163.55
h. Engine Gauge Set- $227.51
i. New Carburator-$385.00
j. New Fuel Sending Unit-$55.00
k. New Fuel Pick up Unit-$97.00

2. Canvas Replacement Costs-$2,807.06
a. M38 Canvas Top-$365.00
b. M38 Canvas Seat-$665.00
c. M38 Front Seat Canvas Pouch Set-$95.00

3. New Paint Job-$1,507.01
a. 3 Gallons of Aervoe Olive Drab paint-$167.10
b. Prep & Painting of vehicle-$1,150.00
c. Vehicle Decals-$190.00″


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