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1951 M-38 Tri Cities, TN No Price

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Appears worth a look.

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“I orig. purchased this to build an offroad vehicle and then found out it was an actual M38 Military Willys that was only made from 50′ to 52′ and not just a normal cj2a-3a jeep so I have decided to move it on hopefully to a collector of this type of vehicle as it would be a shame to cut up a piece of history , It has been updated/changed over the years so it is not 100% original but it wouldn’t take much for the military Jeep collector to return it to stock , In its current state it runs and yard drives enough to move it around or load it on a trailer due to it needing tires and some carb tinkering/tune-up work ,

It will come with a bunch of receipts dating back to 1969 including Va. state yearly inspections , It had to pass inspection so it is now 12 volt for ease of buying parts and making quick roadside repairs , The lights and turn signals work , Dash lights work , The heater works on all speeds and blows hot , Wipers don’t work but haven’t looked into why – may be simple – The engine has a rebuild tag on it from Rogers Remanufactured Engine company (Cyl .040 – Mains .020 – Rods .030) unknown date of when or miles on it since , Don’t smoke or leak , New Solex carb , New brake master cylinder , New exhaust from the downpipe back , Air filter not in pics as it was out for a cleaning but comes with it ,

New speedometer with only 4500 miles put on it since installed , It has a nice set of 64’/65′ mustang seats in it that fold forward and have adjustable sliders all bolted in so very easy to go back to original seats and mounts , The passenger side still flips up to get access to the toolbox under it (toolbox is solid) , It has a custom made bolted in roll bar with 3 point seat belts , Rear seat folds flat and flips back like its supposed to , Solid frame , Only rust in the floors are in both footwells which replacements are available or just drop in some flat sheet metal , Solid pans otherwise , Right side of the body has rust that could use some attention , It was orig. green as can be seen by missing paint areas , It comes with a full top (no good) and all mounting hardware – bow assemblies and door frames , New bikini top with storage bag , Tn. title in my name , Any questions I will answer to the best of my ability , May trade may not depends on what it is – Not looking for anything in particular so please don’t ask what im looking for (trucks/jeeps/cash top the list) , If ad is up I still have it.”



9 Comments on “1951 M-38 Tri Cities, TN No Price

  1. Alaska Paul

    Wouldn’t take much … to return to stock???? Just needs a military frame, windshield, hood, tailgate, grille, waterproof electrical system, fuel tank, carb, radiator, wiper system, assorted gauges and switches and a few other items I haven’t mentioned. Sure, no problem.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Aw, Paul: details, details… this one is (quite literally) priceless 😉

    Looks like it’s got an aftermarket heater? …no compressor for A/C.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    LOL, Paul 🙂
    Your M-38 is still on my Bucket List of things I want to see one day. Any chance you’ll be taking her on a tour here in the lower 48?

  4. Alaska Paul

    Joe, by the time I finally finish my Willys rebuild I’ll be to poor to even pay attention so the only touring I’ll be doing is around the neighborhood. If you feel like heading north for a visit I promise I’ll buy lunch (and even dinner) and I’ll show you more stuff than you ever wanted to see. I’ll even give you a “I Saw Rolls Knardly” t shirt and you’ll get to meet the Goddess along with Ming the Wonder Parrot. Interested????

  5. Joe in Mesa

    Very interested… sounds great 🙂
    Just need to bank more funds and more days off (you might even be done by then, the way things are going).
    And touring around the neighborhood is fine. I get a lot of love driving my 42 GPW or 44 MB/CJ around… I feel like the mayor, waving and smiling like a politician.

  6. Alaska Paul

    Joe, head north when you can …. I’ll still be here so far behind on my projects I think I’m in the lead.

  7. Doug In Ohio

    The engine may not be an m38 either.would have to see the block serial and casting numbers.the dipstick is not m38 and the head appears non m38 as well.

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