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1966 CJ-6 Fort Collins, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

(12/08/2015) Can’t see a whole lot from the pic.

“Up for sale or trade is a VERY rare Jeep CJ6. For those of you unfamiliar with this model; the CJ6 is a rare elongated, or stretched, CJ5 (Almost a small pickup bed behind the seats!) Her Buick Dauntless V6 runs and drives and has just under 35k original miles!!!! She is by no means perfect though. She will need some electrical work to be road worthy (indicators and brake lights need work), some DEFINATE body work (holes in driver and passenger floor pans, small dents, needs new paint, etc), and a rebuild/tune on the carb. This list is a minimum. Please don’t come expecting a perfect Jeep…as there is no such thing. She will need a labor of love, but one lap around my property with the wind in your hair, shifting old clunky gears, and the classic old school smell of unburned gas coming from the exhaust, and you’ll be hooked.

Has an old school steel hard top and doors, but the top is pretty beat up. My plan is to rhinoline the entire body and run it around old town FoCo and up the Poudre Canyon with the top, and doors, off this summer.

I am by no means desperate to sell her. I’m working on her bit by bit, but free time is a hard thing to come by these days. Looking for something turn key and ready to hit the road. Possibly another Jeep, hotrod, cruiser, ATV, UTV, enclosed trailer, camper? Sky’s the limit; what ya got?”



One comment on “1966 CJ-6 Fort Collins, CO **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    That’s a GREAT photo… even if it’s the only one.
    Kinda artsy-fartsy… would make a nice ad or poster.

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