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1962 Truck Muskegon, MI $3000

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Mark listed this at jeep

“I have my late Fathers original 1961 Jeep Willys Pickup for sale. My Father bought this brand new in 1961. Its has the Original Super Hurricane Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case with high and low range, and front axle with locking hubs, drive line and rear axle. The pictures show the condition this Jeep is in today while parked in the garage where its stored. The odometer reads 50,999 miles. The odometer cable is broken. I honestly say this Jeep doesn’t have any more than 60,000 miles on it. My Father pulled this Jeep off the road back in the late 1980s and isnt licensed to be driven on the street. While this Jeep has been sitting many years, its has many original usable parts that can greatly enhance a quality restoration. Vehicle is for sale as is. The Original Hurricane flat head 6 cyliner engine was rebulit in 1979. The Engine is in excellent condition and runs great, uses no oil. A new Clutch was also installed. Its in great condition also. My Father added the snow plow equipment right after he purchased the Jeep. Its a Meyers Unit. This Jeep still runs very well. Brakes are not working currently. I believe it needs a New Brake Cylinders, brake lines are decent. This Jeep could be used as a snow plow truck for your driveway, restoration project, or sold as a parts truck for a person restoring a Jeep like this. Many good parts. I have the original title for the Jeep also. Again its been in our family since new, one owner. Tires are very weather checked, need replacing but still hold air. Frame is rusty, my Father had it welded in the bad spots with angle iron.”



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