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1958 Maverick(?) Reno, NV $1500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/10/20150 Has some damage.

“**** Willy Overland Jeep Wagon, Maverick Model. 1958 . Very Rare Model
2 wheel drive, stock 3 speed transmission, pretty clean and straight body. Does need
some body work, some rust, has all of it’s glass but some needs replaced. No
stock seats, but some bucket hi back seats. no other interior. Dash and stuff in place.
Look on Maverick web site for more pictures of this car. Sorry no title, bill of sale only.
Bought as a project, but health now forces sale.
Come take a look and make an offer.”

1958-maverick-wagon-reno-nv1 1958-maverick-wagon-reno-nv2 1958-maverick-wagon-reno-nv3 1958-maverick-wagon-reno-nv4


21 Comments on “1958 Maverick(?) Reno, NV $1500

  1. Mike

    Still for sale, been watching this one for years, I kid you not. Like I said eons ago, should have left it in NJ for Me. (NJ PLATE) By the way, what is so rare about it, The Trim? !961 up very common. What’s the gripe about the windshield? typical 1 piece with wiper marks. You guys should go into more detail when making a statement. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Scramboleer


    Maverick editions wagons were marketed in connection the TV series. They were 2wd and had slightly different exterior (extra chrome window and distinctive side) and interior trim (basket weave-like speedo surround).

  3. Mike

    Scramboleer, Yes I know I had one, two wheel drive 1960 model with unique trim. My point, wagon pictured is 1961 up because of the “arrow point” trim along the length of the body continuing along the hood. This type of arrow point trim became available as of 1961 model year. By that time, Maverick was off the air even though model name continued to be used. My point again; the type of trim on the wagon pictured was standard trim trim on most 2 wheel drive wagons 1961 up. Common in NJ at the time. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing special about this wagon.

  4. colin peabody

    If it is a 1962, the Tornado 6 engine would make this a fairly rare vehicle. In 1961, they produced 1202 2WD Mavericks with the F-head 4 engine and 376 2WD Mavericks with the Kaiser 226 engine. I don’t have any records available right now to figure out how many 1962 or 63 2WD Mavericks they made with the
    Tornado 6 as opposed to the 226 engines. Anybody out there know for sure?

  5. colin peabody

    According to Jim Allen’s book, the 230 Tornado engine was introduced on May 3, 1962, with some of the earlier 1962 models having the 226 Kaiser engine. The model prefix would probably have been carried over from previous year Mavericks, 58167 with the sequential production number following.

  6. Mike

    And who would consider the 230 Tornado Desirable ? not me, Biggest oil leak-er Kaiser ever made, Why do you think it had such a short life span in the Jeep line up, by 1966, that engine was history. Don’t buy in to the Public Relations Propaganda Machine. Everybody is an expert these days, Reality speaks louder than words.

  7. David Eilers


    No one was arguing the Tornado was desirable. And, you’ve made it loud and clear that you are NOT a fan of Tornado! 🙂 Apart from that topic, Colin was making a good point about the 1962 Maverick with an original Tornado was a fairly rare vehicle.

    – Dave

  8. Bill Norris

    Colin has pretty much covered my point of why I think this is a rare one. I can’t find my notes at the moment, but I believe the total number of Maverick prefixed wagons with a 230 was about 400 for 1962-1964.

    There is a diehard following for the Tornado. Some argue once you apply all the tech bulletin fixes, its the best early engines Jeep built.


  9. Mike

    NOT SOLD YET? This one has my name on it. I can wait, not going anywhere, neither is this wagon at that price. I think I’ve proved my point.

  10. Mike

    Paul, Wise guy huh, I’ll have to talk to my NJ friends about this, “If ya know what I mean”.

    Having a sense of humor, that’s what it’s all about.

  11. Mike

    Still for sale, This wagon will NEVER SELL at that price. TIME IS ON MY SIDE. If health forces sale, this guy probably died already. (sty cool, NJ humor)

  12. Joe in Mesa

    LOL, Mike! I miss that NJ sense of humor.
    …not much of that here in AZ:-(
    We left Howell 5+ years ago for the sunshine and warmth, but Jersey just had a warmer December than Phoenix! Go figure.

  13. Joe in Mesa

    I didn’t get to meet him, Mike. I went there when I heard about him, but the place looked pretty cleared out (or put away in that long row of barns/garages) and no-one answered the phone/door. I hadn’t even gotten my first jeep then (2008 or so?). Living in Arizona and eWillys helped me solve that deficiency 🙂

  14. colin peabody

    As far as I know, the Jeepsterman business is still in Howell, but it is run by Morris and Millie’s daughter Shelley. I met Morris and Millie about 30 years ago at a Jeepster meet in Connecticut. What a couple of characters they were. They hauled a bunch of parts up there in a Chevy van that was held together by rust! Just the same in real life as they were on the phone when you called in an order! Morris bought every part available from Jeep dealers closing their doors and stored all of it in that chicken farm. He actually knew where just about everything was! May he and Millie rest in Peace( well, in their own brand of peace!)

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