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1942 MB? Eagleville, TN $37,500

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Here’s another “all original” that isn’t quite so. Looks like a GPW bumper, but the crossmember looks like a tube.

“Mint condition, all original, no repairs or modifications. Only 1243 actual miles. Does have side panels for enclosure.”

1942-mb-eagleville-tn1 1942-mb-eagleville-tn2 1942-mb-eagleville-tn3 1942-mb-eagleville-tn4


11 Comments on “1942 MB? Eagleville, TN $37,500

  1. Lester Senn

    Here we go again another “all original”. Lets see I see a 12volt system with alternator , no combat rims ,no original fuel filter and a t90 transmission as evidenced by the Craigslist pictures. If he gets $37,000 for this he will have a very uniformed buyer.

  2. Brian

    The speedometer has been changed out at some point. This one looks like a short needle, should be the long needle.

  3. Doug In Ohio

    look below the distributor,it I gray in color,I wonder if it has a cracked block that has been repaired with jb weld.

  4. Mark S.

    I think that commenting on these ads is a two-way street. The seller has every right to sell his jeep for what every he wants. We also have the right to be critical of the jeep, especially when priced so high. It also never helps when seller makes such bold statements, such as “mint condition, all original, no repairs or modifications”.

    What is going on with the trailer plug socket, added to an earlier tub or repro tub?

  5. NY PETE

    This is a poor example of a restoration.
    1) m38 trailer socket.
    2)m38 trans boot & transfer
    3) m38 pintle hook
    4)12 volt
    5)m38 throttle cable
    on a good day maybe $8,000.00

  6. David Eilers Post author

    I always appreciate everyone’s useful comments on posts like this. I’d certainly hate for anyone to buy this based on the seller’s recommendation that it is mint and all original. I don’t say it often enough, but I get emails daily from readers who don’t know a great deal about jeeps and greatly appreciate these comments. It helps them learn, which is the whole reason behind posting ads like this. Thanks as always!

    – Dave

  7. Jay in Gilroy

    The dash lights bezels are black
    Extra tailights
    Front hubs ar “Aftermarket”
    What about the stamped “WILLYS” on back pannel? It could be a later ’42

  8. Teach

    I emailed the poster of this jeep with most of your comments about what was not “original” or “modified”. He changed the wording in his posting for the ad. He did not respond to my email, but he the ad now reads ,”Only 1243 actual miles. Does have side panels for enclosure”. No price change.

  9. jim kenny

    As well as all the above noted properly noted “inaccuracies”, steering wheel is 43′ or later style (appears to be brand new), oil filter is later type, where’d the drain cock on the block come from?, no 42′ had a rifle rack on the w/s, the hood blocks are later style, and all body panels, hood & w/s skin look flawless to the point I would suspect all repro. steel, data plates are re pro., foot starter, throttle toe rest and filterette are all missing, wheres the blackout driving light switch?

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