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1962 DJ-3A Surrey Fort Lauderdale, FL**SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. $14,999.

Most of the pics are more of these ‘models’ rather than jeep.

“This showroom-fresh Willy’s Beach Car was the center piece of Johnson Jeep & Willy’s in Riverside, California, for many years. The speedometer shows 200 miles since it has been restored.

From the looks of the restoration, it was done by the Jeep Company many years ago, probably in the seventies.
It needed a new parking break cable when I bought it. I’ve installed “Quick Steer” that has made this a joy to drive with 1 finger.

These DJ 3A Willy’s are impossible to find in this condition. From the paperwork, this vehicle looks to have been a Las Brisas hotel Willy’s (Acapulco). I believe that Elvis Presley once owned a Willy’s just like this one, in coral and pink. He certainly drove one in a few of his movies I have seen.

The jeep is missing the top, but I have a re-manufactured original top-style frame for it. And I have located the material and fringe for the Surrey top. This will be the new steward’s job.

The Willy’s stops, starts and rides as it should.
Books and records from the seventies are yours if you are the buyer.
It definitely has some scratches and patina on it. Come see it if you’d like.”

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15 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Surrey Fort Lauderdale, FL**SOLD**

  1. richard grace

    To heck with the sissy jeep, let’s see more of the girl in the bikini……… -RG

  2. Mike

    Interesting pictures, the photographer is more focused on the babes rather than the Jeep. Not that I’m complaining…

  3. Ted Jordan

    I agree with Mike and Richard , but I’m sure this is gonna ruffle some feathers with the DJ-3A crew. Especially the Sissy Jeep part.

  4. Joe in Mesa

    Just when I thought this sight couldn’t get any better 😀
    And there’s nothing “sissy” about a jeep that attracts pretty girls in bikinis!

    Dave, do you have any more information on the “Quick Steer” the seller says was installed?

  5. Mark S.

    I had not heard of “Quick Steer”, found two possibilities. One is an entry level steering component line offered by Moog (tie rods, idlers, ball joints, etc.), does not appear to be very high quality. The second is a steering coupler/gearbox that increases the steering ratio (usually 1:1.5, 1:2) for faster steering response, normally for racing usage. I don’t know if this would help 2WD Jeep.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    I’m with Mark. I could see increased the steering ratio, but am not sure how that would make it easier to steer with one finger. In addition, if it was the Hudson mod was installed, the seller would have called it that.

  7. colin peabody

    OK guys, the Quick Steer is available through Walcks and what it does is keep the sector shaft in contact with the worm gear at all times. You remove the adjusting nut and bolt on the stock steering box and put the Quick Steer in its place. Probably about a 20-30 minute operation. It is spring loaded and costs about $75.00. It doesn’t change the steering ratio at all. A lot of VJ Jeepster guys have them on their Jeepsters and they fit just about any Willys steering gearbox. It keeps the vehicle from wandering all over the road.

    This Surrey has serial number 56337 19045 and is for sale now as the owner can’t afford to take it back to California this trip. I think it will be a good buy for someone.

  8. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks Mark, Dave, and Colin.
    I know Walck’s sells the TightSteer (which I’m contemplating for both my 42 and 44), but wasn’t sure from this seller’s description that this was what he meant by “Quick Steer”… but I’d never bet against Colin on jeep knowledge 😉
    Do you recommend Tight Steer? I’m on the fence and need a push.

  9. Mike

    Taking another look at the babes, errrr I mean Jeep, I noticed 2 perfectly drilled holes on the driver side quarter panel just behind the seat. Why would they be there? Not that it’s a big deal, just don’t remember anything being mounted there.

  10. Mark S.

    Definitely a difference between “Quick Steer ” and “Tight Steer”, maybe seller meant “Tight Steer”.

  11. Bob

    Hmm…odd way to market this thing. Pretty girls, but they tell me nothing about the jeep! Bad photos too.

  12. Brian

    This is the same one that was for sale in Riverside CA back in nov and was posted here for $10,500. Licence plate from CA has the same number.

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