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Ramsey 50 Winch in the Netherlands on eBay

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Edwin from Wildenberg Parts has this rare winch for sale.

“A once in a lifetime chance to buy a complete Ramsey 50 winch set-up
We only know about 7/8 to exist.
Took several years to find all the parts.
Will make your M38/M38A1 complete.

What is there?
– Take off working Winch
– New build hanger bearing
– Shafts & Joint Assy’s NOS
– Woodruff keys and screws NOS
– NO Winch cable

Comes also with a winch dataplates for M38 and M38A1.
We can take it to the following events:
KTR Event choringem
Ciney expo militaria
War and Peace show Folkstone
Possibly Normandië

We also carry a large stock of NOS and high quality Ramsey and PTO parts.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.”

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5 Comments on “Ramsey 50 Winch in the Netherlands on eBay

  1. Jason

    Not a military winch, the data plate shows 50-?, but what gives it away is the 8000 lb capacity. The military ones were only 3000 / (can’t remember) or 5000. Never were 8000 lb.

  2. Bob

    The 50r was the military one, and I believe it was 5,000b if I remember right. I had one of these a few years ago, sold it to a guy in california. I wish I had ten more!

  3. Chess Mckenzie

    I have 2, r-50 winches. One of witch is on the original military jeep. Data plate M38A1 W/WN.
    From what i can see hear, this is by all accounts an original military winch.

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