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Year? Truck w/ Backhoe Hennepin County, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

Been sitting for a while.

“This Jeep Willy is a perfect fixer upper for someone looking to do some restoration. It is a very rare truck that comes with a backhoe attachment. I am not sure the exact year, but it is a vintage model. It has been sitting for years. I am asking $2000 or BO. I am happy to show this truck to interested buyers. Feel free to call, text, or email.”

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7 Comments on “Year? Truck w/ Backhoe Hennepin County, MN **SOLD**

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Very cool. It has a twin stick pto and a governor as well. This truck was made to work. That’s only a few hours from me

  2. Dave from mn

    This one is on the rough side. No title and stuck motor. Did have a twin stick pto box on it though. Tremendous amount of weight on the rear axle of these. Picked it up for 1500

  3. Lew

    This would be the rare and illusive “Eleven-Stick Truck” that totally kicks ass on all of us conceited “six stick” guys 🙂

    Congrats Dave. Another save.

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