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Year? MB? Inland Empire, CA $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/02/2016) “This Willys is a true survivor. The id number is a MB number, but is considered a 1947 by the DMV. The tub is a MB. The jeep was modified for a film to look like a M38. The driver side has been smoothed over with bondo at some point, but the ribs for the tools can be seen on the inside. The window is post war as well as the M38 grille. The jeep will need to be seen.
It needs tlc for sure but is a driver.
I have the window rubber, just no glass.
The engine is what I can best figure is a 1953 F-Head Hurricane engine. It has the generator, but is wound to a 12v system.
It has Model A tail lights with the bezels painted green since the pics were taken.
The tires are new as of July 22nd. I also had Willys hand painted on the rear tailgate, as well as a personal tribute to a fallen family member, as well as a WWII Kilroy was here.
I am also having the rims painted green this week.
I am fixing it up as I keep driving it. If it doesn’t sell for my price, I will be fixing it up and keeping it.
The footlocker doesn’t go with the jeep. ”

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4 Comments on “Year? MB? Inland Empire, CA $7500

  1. Jay in Gilroy

    David, J.R. Read the discription. It says it was made to look like an M38 for a film. Winshield and grille swapped and tool indents were smoothed over.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Jay. That’s the updated description. It wasn’t that detailed in the previous ad.

    – Dave

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