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The Australian Combat 6 & Sportster CJ-5s

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Maury ran across this rare CJ-5 and figured few people knew about it (I’ve never written anything about it). Kaiser Jeep of Australia built what they called Jeep Combat 6, a CJ-5 derivative. They had Ford 170ci straight 6 motors, the same engine used in the early Mustangs. It was the Australian answer to the Dauntless V6 being installed Stateside.

About 460 Jeep Combat 6 vehicles were made. Of the 460, it is unknown how many were CJ5’s or CJ6’s, as all documented records were either lost or destroyed. The chassis and the tubs were imported from Kaiser’s US plant and assembled with the Ford engines in Brisbane. Here’s photos of 1968 Combat 6 that was for sale about a year ago in Australia:





You can learn more about them at the CJ-3B page (scroll down to the page’s bottom). Here’s an example of a Combat 6 brochure.

According to the 3B page, the Combat 6 marketing didn’t last for long. The Australian arm of Kaiser Jeep dropped the Combat 6 brand, possibly replacing it with the Sportster. As you can see in this ad that was for sale on Australia’s eBay, the Sportster CJ-5 had the inline 6. If anyone has more info, please let me know. I couldn’t find much on these.

sportster-6-cj5-australia-brochure2 sportster-6-cj5-australia-brochure3


3 Comments on “The Australian Combat 6 & Sportster CJ-5s

  1. Bob

    I love a cj6 with a half cab! Hmm, I have a ford 250 in my barn from a ’69 mustang, all I’d need is a cj6, half cab and a pile of money…

  2. Pulasthi

    I have willys cj5 combat 6 jeep.
    I want know how abut punch it chassis number on its chassis

  3. Chris

    I am slowly repairing my CJ5 Combat Jeep and looking for a spare which I use for parts. Does anyone have one…?

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