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1942 GPW Auburn, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

Has a lift kit.

1942-gpw-auburn-91 1942-gpw-auburn-94

“Bought this b/c its a 1942 Ford Script GPW jeep and b/c it is cool.. runs great…its a great deer hunting jeep.. play jeep or just jot around town cool ride.. gets lots of looks b/c its looks cool… I was thinking I would go thru it and fix it to full stock.. .as a GPW Ford Script Jeep.. After full inspection it is beyond what I want to get into…

It has bondo in it… has been converted to power steering has a lift on it (only about 1.5”)… and is missing stuff that is needed … like the light buckets.. black out lights .. and things like that….

Fully regd.. and clean title and in my name..runs and drives great…and wheels like a mule.. without hesitation… Tires are old.. but hold air great… without leaking… and have plenty of tread left… .but they are weathered…All the gauges work great.. it has great oil preasure.. and yes.. even the gas gauge works… go figure… it has the original Vin Tag on the dash… I have the other 2 on order.. they will be put on when I get them… also has larger brakes.. see the pics of the ID Plate that shows the original GPW #… it is really cool….

It also has the original FORD MARKED F Seats… See pics….. (IF YOU DON”T WANT THE SEATS.. I WILL TAKE OFF 500 DOLLARS and keep them and you will get the jeep without seats in it…..-that is the only bargaining I will do)..

I also have a set of Tires and Wheels that are more ERA Correct… They are on my CJ2A… they are brand new… I will sell them separately ( I have about 1200 in them but if you buy the jeep I will sell them to you for 1000 extra)..if you want them you must contact me and make that deal separately… if you buy them, I will trade them out for you and paint the white ones the same color as the jeep.. I have some paint left over and will be happy to do that for you.. IF you do buy them.. I will have to keep the ones that are on it to put onto my cj2a.. so if you want to do that… again you must arrange it and pay the extra.. if you don’t mention it.. the jeep will come as it is in the pics..

There are people who could put this back to stock and make it really clean.. but im just not that guy… so I decided to sell it..

Disclaimer…… This is 70 plus year old vehicle.. and as such there is no way I can know if it has hidden things like bondo im not aware of, rusty bolts I can’t see, etc etc etc… it has lots of cool nostalgic stuff on it.. but its also obviously missing stuff too… it was originally designed to drive at 55 tops.. and I drive it that fast no problem.. but anyone who pushes these old vehicles like that.. they are taking a risk… I’ve done all I can to make sure it’s safe.. and it runs well FOR ME.. but others have other standards.. and you are buying this as is with no implied warranty…iI am more than happy to have you come see it and look it over fully..”


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