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1942 GPW SLO, CA $2000


It’s a project.

“Contracted by Willys Overland during WWII, this Ford built relic is dripping with patina and ready for your next project. It has had an F head motor swapped in in place of the original L head.

This Jeep has been sitting for a long time and it will take some work to get it running again, but everything appears to be there. Bill of sale only, but registering it is as simple as a DMV VIN inspection and a brake and lamp inspection at a certified mechanic. Check out the pictures and schedule a time to come take a look at your next Jeep project.”

1942-gpw-slo-ca-1 1942-gpw-slo-ca-2 1942-gpw-slo-ca-3 1942-gpw-slo-ca-4


5 Comments on “1942 GPW SLO, CA $2000

  1. Cody R. Maverick


    These days is it just a pretentious euphemism for “rust”, used by people trying to impress others with the originality of their crappy vehicle. Previously used by antique dealers and art historians to describe things like 200 year old furniture or paintings, but now used by Joe Blow to describe a rusted ’73 Oldsmobile.

    I blame American Pickers for popularizing the use of the word “patina” to describe someone’s rusted, dented and faded old vehicle.

    “Dripping with patina”

    Rust dripping all over the ground from a particularly shitty vehicle.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Yep, that is correct. The contracts were through the government. If we learned our history from Craigslist (or Facebook) we’d know all kinds of crazy things.

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