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Story of the Universal Jeep – Post War Jeep Comic

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Maury shared this rare post-war comic that blends together the war-jeep and the peace-jeep.

1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury-cover 1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury1-2 1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury3-4 1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury5-6

1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury7-8 1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury9-10 1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury11-12 1940s-comic-story-of-jeep-maury13-14


5 Comments on “Story of the Universal Jeep – Post War Jeep Comic

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Very cool Dave B-)
    But I find it interesting that they depicted every jeep (war and post-war) with the 7-slot front grill… maybe an early bit of revisionist history? Or it helped tell the continuity story?
    Thanks for sharing, Maury and posting, Dave 😀

  2. Steve E.

    Joe, what “they” depicted is one artist’s conception. I’ve learned that artist don’t necessarily pay attention to detail as you and I. Artist provide a concept. I don’t fully understand it, but I roll with it. (lol) I happened to be at a small art show yesterday (I met a guy with a ’61 Willys PU, by the way. Of course, we are friends for life.) I overheard one lady say to another that she really liked “that one”. The art piece looked like a mangled hunk of iron you’d find in the scrap heap. Sheesh, I’ll never fully understand artist, so I quit trying. Sometimes they defy logic, science, and in this case, historical accuracy. Joe, you really pay attention to detail because I would have never counted the grill bars.

    Two things caught my eye. I like the functionality aspect, so I like the PTO powered saw scene. Then there’s that famous Picnic scene with the Jeep towing the camp trailer on page 13. Of course, I just learned here on eWillys that the “family use” marketing scene with the Jeep and trailer was utilized. I did notice that the background in different in the comic strip, than in the photo posted earlier.

    **Steve E.**

  3. Keith

    The 7 slot grille is a result of those being cartoon versions of the actual AGRIJEEP photos fro Cesor farm. I actually forgot about this comic since I’ve had it so long. Nice find.

  4. Alaska Paul

    Steve E., In the early 1980’s I was flown out to Dutch Harbor (on the Aleution Chain) to help salvage the wreckage of a Lear 24 which crashed on takeoff. I found and kept a piece of the 3 layer plastic (?) windshield which had fractured and partially burned in the post crash fire. After returning to Anchorage I cleaned and polished this windshield piece before I entered it in a local art show. I received an honorable mention blue ribbon in the sculpture class!

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