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Another Report from Willys Am Tegernsee

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Christian and his group of jeep enthusiasts gathered together once again. He reports they had fun, despite some heavy rain. Joining them was a couple from the UK, James and Annie, who are traveling around Europe in their Willys MB. I’m hoping to find out if James and Annie are reporting on their adventure online.



3 Comments on “Another Report from Willys Am Tegernsee

  1. BOB

    What a great group, love the pictures and the country. It would have been fun to be there.

  2. Eckhard

    Hi Bob,
    you are right, indeed. The WAT (WAT = Willys Am Tegernsee) is a nice group of Jeep addicts who enjoy making excursions in the Lake Tegernsee area. Annual highlight is the long-range trip from Gmund (Lake Tegernsee) via the German Alps to Northern Italy, where we join the Colonna Della Liberta – phantastic landscape and companionship.
    Stick to the frequently updated WAT website and enjoy pictures and reports. Christian is about providing reports in English for our Anglo-Saxon friends. For us, language is no issue as long as you can spell the word “Jeep”…
    So long, and keep ’em rollin’,
    Eckhard (Bremen, Northern Germany), WAT member

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