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1961 Wagon Broomfield, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

“Runs, Rebuilt master cylinder. Winch works. Additional parts included. Fair to good tires.”

(From the previous ad) “Caterpillar yellow covers this real life piece of 60’s history. Formerly driven by the Director of Field Training for the National School of Heavy Equipment, Charlotte, North Carolina. The school was founded by Gilbert S. Shaw in 1955 and operated until 1976. Apparently it was the first school of it’s kind in the world! It was painted for the school, then sold, had a 1970’s “restoration” and then sat for another 30 years. The 70’s restoration included a dash modification & a coat of ugly, drab tan. Our “restoration” process included many steps of hand sanding and polishing the entire vehicle to expose the school’s door sign and yellow paint job. Plus of course, clean up, repair, and history research..”


6 Comments on “1961 Wagon Broomfield, CO **SOLD**

  1. Lew

    The interior shot is from an old Cutlas or something. I would be surprised if it was retrofitted to the wagon. But $3K doesnt seem too much if its in good condition.

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