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Las Brisas Parkway or Traveller Wagon

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This undated postcard is for sale on eBay. Note the wagon in the right lower corner. At first I thought that was a Parkway Conversion, but given the setup on the truck behind the wagon (the bend seats) I think this could be a Traveller. I’d have to guess this photo was taken in the early 1960s. It’s only photo I know of that shows a wagon at the Las Brisas Resort in Mexico.

The fact the wagon isn’t quite pink, kind of more purplish, might mean it didn’t belong to the resort, but just ferried visitors to/from it. Hertz Rentals did a similar thing by renting blue colored surrey-looking DJ-3As to visitors (see bottom of post).

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Back of card:


Hertz Rental Jeeps in Mexico:



4 Comments on “Las Brisas Parkway or Traveller Wagon

  1. Lester Senn

    The truck with the bench seats appears from the taillights and body side to be a British Landrover.

  2. Barry West

    Hmm, appears to be a 4 or three door. I say that because of the bottom of the front passenger side window is level and in line with the right rear passenger side window bottom but not in line with the right far most rear window. Also, the bar/support between the latter two is (to me) vertical on the forward side as to hold a door window for up and down articulation. Just me though. I still need to run it through my graphics program to get a better picture. Who knows?

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