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Jeep Parts Thompson, PA, Auction October 1st

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All kinds of jeep parts will be available at this in-person-auction.

Super Lg. Qty. Of Antique Jeep Parts For 1946-1970 Years (Selling @ 11:30AM): Parts For CJ’s, FC’s, Pickups, Wagons, Etc. Including: Rear Ends, Fenders, Doors, Grilles, Asst. Body Parts, Steering Assy.’s; Eng’s, Blocks, All Kinds Of Body & Eng. Parts; CJ 3b Frames; (2) FC150 Frames; 68 CJ5 Frames; ‘46-‘49 Wagon Frame & Roof; L-226 Wagon Frame; FC 150 Grille; Many Other Parts- Something For Every Antique Jeep Enthusiast; NOTE: Separate Auction Selling Jeep Parts Only Starting @ 11:30AM. ”






3 Comments on “Jeep Parts Thompson, PA, Auction October 1st

  1. Mike

    I think this is the same guy as on eBay that ships most large body parts via Greyhound bus. What a great idea, pick up large parts hoods, fenders at your local Greyhound bus terminal. A couple of years ago, he had a entire wagon roof for sale, $175.00, too big for Greyhound and too expensive to ship. A lot of this stuff most likely will be sold for scrap if not sold at the auction. Another Jeep bone yard bites the dust. Always brigs sadness to my heart & soul when I see this. As a kid in the 1960’s, I’d ride my bicycle to Van Dine’s Jeep junkyard on Route 17 in Paramus, NJ, just to look around. Still feel the same way today. It would be great if I were a rich man, ( A ditty, ditty, dum) to be able to buy all the old stuff up and store it in a old warehouse just so I can look at it on rainy days.

  2. Ric

    Interested in 69 jeepster commando distributor on ebay. I just want to confirm points and odd fire 225. 805.868.8007

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Ric,

    I’m not sure whom you are trying to contact. If you see an item on eBay, there’s a way to ask the seller a question. That’s how I would proceed.

    – Dave

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