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Tuesday Sep. 27th: … Then I Lost My Wedding Ring

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On Tuesday we drove from Dallas to Denham Springs, Louisiana. The drive itself was uneventful, but not without its challenges:


Our drive from Dallas to Denham Springs, LA.


Uh oh … this is a tight squeeze!!

1) When returning the rental car we had for two days, I was driving the motorhome and missed the turn for car rental returns. Instead, I headed straight towards Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport…….. There were no other options. I had to drive very slowly going through the concrete barriers to get my entry ticket. I fit, but barely. I estimate that I had two inches on either side of the motorhome. Ann was behind me and took a photo. Well, I did have to sacrifice a little bit of the generator tailpipe, which apparently stuck out the side a little too far.


Hmm … something’s not quite right, but it will work.

2) I turned over the driving to Ann after we left Dallas so I could get some eWillys done. I took off my wedding ring to type (which I always do) and set it in front of me on a sweater. That sweater got upended at some point and the ring rolled somewhere in the motorhome. Sigh.
3) When we arrived at the KOA trailer park about 9pm (reserved and paid for a site), we discovered the staff had left NO check-in info, so we took the LAST available site even though earlier in the day the reservations gal said only a back-in sit was available.
4) It seems this park includes much of Baton Rouge. We’re guessing a good number of these folks are recent flood victims  🙁
5) Our trailer neighbors just got done partying, but left a friend passed out on the bench 5 feet from our door. The scene is complete with bottles scattered everywhere. Oh well. Maybe they are finally watching the toddlers that were running in front of our rig as I tried to park it.
6) On the opposite side of us was a couple from New York who asked for help getting their cable to work.  We were never able to make that work.
8) Our trailer was invaded by some local bug life as we searched for my ring.

Yet, we are still having fun. It’s all part of the adventure!! Once we get done with our visit, we have to decide how to proceed home. We are unsure of which route to take.




2 Comments on “Tuesday Sep. 27th: … Then I Lost My Wedding Ring

  1. Barry West

    Oh crap, don’t take I10W for goodness sake. That is one of the roughest drives I have been on. And I’ve had to drive it countless times. Two lanes, unless they’ve did some major upgrades. I’d, as the old song says, go by way of Omaha. Good luck with this secret mission and I’m so proud to see a sum- ofa-muther-n-law impressing and caring for her in the ways and means you are! Us men folk and such should emulate your surperb calmness and enduring patience. God speed.

  2. Colin Peabody

    You might take I-55 north through Mississippi,, past Memphis(I-40 east and west in Arkansas is one of the roughest stretches of interstate in the country), up through Missouri to St. Louis, then west on I-70. You nmight get lucky and meet up with Craig Brockhaus, who lives west of St. Louis in Defiance and works at the GM Plant in Wentzville. I-70 is also rough due to heavy truck traffic, once in KC, try to head north.Hope you can locate your wedding ring!!!!

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