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A Sneak Peak

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UPDATE: It is 5:30am. Our plan to see the Bureau of Printin and Engraving later today has been tossed. Rosemary fell ill and is doing a little tossing of her own. We are now a mobile hospital. Never a dull moment!

It’s 2:30am Thursday morning as I write this and we are just about back to the Grapevine area of Texas. We had a great time on Wednesday and I will tell you all about it later today (I’m waiting for a little more bit of information before I can complete the post). Until then, here’s a sneak peak at one part of a passionate jeep lover’s collection: his “bone yards”. There are mostly M-38s and M-38A1s, but also some CJs and one part’s jeep CJ-V35U.

2016-09-28-calvin2 2016-09-28-calvin1


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