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3 Wagons & 1 Truck Kalispell, MT $10,000

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UPDATE: The Wagon is a Parkway and not a Traveller.

Seller includes a phone number in the ad on Craigslist.

“ok here we have 4 jeeps 1 pickup 3 station wagons and one of the 3 has baker rear doors kind of rare,
they are all in different stages of repair and different ages the pickup is especially cool i want 10 k for all 4 no i won’t split them up no i wont sell parts off them all or nothing deal. call if email mention flathead lake or i will not respond no exceptions.”
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3 Comments on “3 Wagons & 1 Truck Kalispell, MT $10,000

  1. Idaho Todd

    I sure would want it to be a traveller too. I think it is a Parkway. Hard to tell for sure. The roof doesn’t have any of the holes for the spare tire carrier frame and the metal step piece below the rear doors is not seen. Looking through the windows, the spare tire is mounted on the wall and no bench seats. But still a nice wagon with potential. Maybe scramboleer Dan will chime in and give his thoughts…

  2. Dan B. (scramboleer)

    I’m blushing Todd.

    I’m not sure, but the red one looks like a 1957-1962 Parkway Conversion (it doesn’t have the firewall cutout for the 230 OHC Tornado and the flathead is clear-as-day in the pictures). It has three roofrack-type mounts on the roof; I can’t tell if they are factory or not. After enlarging the pictures and squinting at my computer, I still can’t see any sideways jumpseats. I emailed the seller for interior pictures. Lastly, it doesn’t look like there is any sign of side chrome trim (the 7) that the Traveller (sometimes) had. The Parkway had no trim.

    The green-and-white wagon (with the California license plate on the floorboards) is a 1956-1/2 through early 1957 based on the speedo. It also has a GSA (government) plate on the glovebox.

    The yellow wagon is a 1950 1/2 through 1950 based on the speedo.

    The gray /cream truck is an early one – 1947 through 1950 1/2.

    I’ll let you all know if the seller sends over more info on the red wagon.

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