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1978 DJ-5 Olympia, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

(10/02/2016) Sounds like a driver.


“This is the PERFECT mail truck if you are a rural carrier for the USPS. No it doesn’t have power steering, but it is TOUGH and built to to the job (yes, 30 years ago, but you would be surprised how well it maintains it’s appropriate use!) I have recently changed the starter, it was making a funny sound when I turned it over, it cost $100 and three bolts later, it was changed. Didn’t even need to jack it up, you can crawl under it easily. You feel safe in this truck because it is recognizable as a Mail Truck.

Comes with magnetic USPS MAIL CARRIER and FREQUENT STOP plaques. This thing has had a lot of body work done to it, all of the rusted parts have been cut out and redone. It has 17 coats of black paint on it! I bought it from a mail carrier in Deer Park, WASH who’s husband was a car body enthusiast. The engine is great, solid, and has never let me down out of delivery.

Currently rolling with snow tires and comes with a set of summer wheels, although the tread is dust and they need new next summer. Registered this month, so you’ll be good for the next year. CD player and radio. Great mail truck. The brakes are oversized and sometimes a little jerky when the rig is empty. Overall, safe, effective and affordable option for a RURAL MAIL CARRIER or ICE CREAM TRUCK DRIVER or just around town COOL GUY/GAL.
model : DJ-5F (1977–78): 258 cu in (4.2 L) AMC Straight-6 engine, 727 TorqueFlite automatic RWD”


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