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NellyBelle Pennington, NJ **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:  **Status Unknown** Was $90,000. This original NellyBelle was for sale at $90,000, but the price was negotiable. 

You can read about the last auction of this jeep in 2010 at the CJ-3B site.
Here’s the original Christie’s listing.


15 Comments on “NellyBelle Pennington, NJ **Status Unknown**

  1. Colin

    The serial number for the original Nellybelle sold at Christies in July, 2010 was CJ2A 56502, according to an article that Glenn wrote. The engine # should be J57490. The lady who bought Nellybelle, Pam Weidel, lives in NJ, but kept the Jeep at a friend’s place in Pennsylvania. Nellybelle sold for $116,500, plus buyer’s fees.

    There is at least one “clone” of Nellybelle, so anyone who pursues this ad needs to verify all the information. Check the CJ2A Forum for a long discussion on the real versus the clone Nellybelle.

    Glenn and I followed the auction very closely, not that either of us could have afforded to buy Nellybelle, but I had a personal connection with Roy and Dale, plus being one of their big fans in the 40s and 50s, and Glenn and I were both big Roy Rogers fans when we were kids.

    If this is real and not a scam, the one person who would know is Pam Weidel and I sent her an email asking her to verify if she is in fact selling Nellybelle. Glenn and I have both been in touch with her after the sale in 2010, so hopefully, she will give us the straight scoop.

  2. bob in NC


    thank you for that bit of history. would have never guessed would be worth near as much. never saw the show. i was watching 8th man and speed racer in the late 60’s.

    bob in nc

  3. Lew

    Boy am I out of touch. I thought you had to be a Roy Rogers fan AND an eagle scout to own a Willys.
    Ours has been a part of my life for so many years that I started calling it Trigger in jest about twenty-five years ago. Really didnt know their fan base was so large or that so many of our generation identified with them. I hope this one goes to a worthy home (and continues to stand ready to fight the forces of evil!)

  4. Colin Peabody

    Bob in NC, the Roy Rogers TV show pretty much ended by the mid to late 1950s and many of the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movies can still be seen on vintage television channels. Pat Brady was Roy’s sidekick in the TV series and was one of the original members of the Sons of the Pioneers, of which Roy was also a member in the 1940s. Pat Brady drove Nellybelle in the series. The tv show was a mixture of old west cowboys and modern day vehicular traffic, but all the kids loved it. You might be able to find vintage DVDs with some of the shows. I have some in my collection. For those of us in our 70s, the old cowboy shows were great entertainment and fodder for young boys who dreamed of being cowboys over 60 years ago.

    I hope Pam finds a worthy buyer for this Jeep, probably the highest price ever paid for a CJ2A when she bought it at auction 6 years ago.

  5. bob in NC

    only person i know who might have this kind of money is a museum. that’s where this should go.

  6. Terry

    I spoke to Roy JR. about 25 years ago he said that the original Nellybelle was wrecked while pulling stumps on the ranch and sat derelict for years . A body-man saw it and offered to restore it for Roy’s museum .How much of the original jeep from the show is any ones guess .

  7. Bob

    In watching the show on a rerun channel, I thought I have seen what looked like a cj3a windshield on Nellybelle at one point.

  8. Mike

    Still for sale, not surprised, 90 Grand is more than most of the baby boomers have in their retirement account… and they’re the only ones who remember Nellybelle.

  9. Stephen Russell

    Like to see Jeep reproduce NellyBelle for the Public alone, Id be awesome to be sure.
    Id drive one with Auto Trans.
    & Id include the Jeeps from TV show The Rat Patrol from WW2.

  10. Mike

    Steven, although a great ide, there would be an expensive licensing agreement required. What would be a market for NellyBelle or Rat Patrol branded Jeeps in terms of dollars & cents? I’m sure that’s what it all comes down to. I lettered my 1966 CJ5 Rat Patrol over 30 years ago, gave me and my Jeep a sense of Identity known throughout my area. This is the wy to go, make your own.

  11. James L Pastore

    So, is Nellybelle still for sale? Who is the present owner? Where is it listed for sale?

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