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Berg’s Jeep King Mailer

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I found this great old mailer on eBay. It was likely published at the end of WWII, as there are no references to the CJ-2A. You can learn more about Hyman Berg here.

Here’s the front side of the mailer: berg-jeep-king-mailer4

I’ve split the front of the mailer into sections so it can be better seen. This part shows a closeup of the front and back of mailer when folded:




Back side of mailer:

At the top right of the mailer’s backside was this ad for a soft top. Was this manufactured and sold by Berg? I don’t remember seeing one quite like this:berg-jeep-king-top


5 Comments on “Berg’s Jeep King Mailer

  1. Ted jordan

    Wow pretty amazing that you could have bought the rarest of the rare Twin Stick PTOs for $35 bucks, there must have been a ton of Surplus Ford GPA parts floating around back in the day!!! Pretty cool setup for the Capstans too. I have a bunch of these old Berg Catalogs and the prices and stuff you could have bought were amazing

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I agree, Dave. I need that “Original Army Jeep Tops and Side Curtains” for $65!!!
    I’ll be paying at least $650 for those when I finally order them.

  3. Lew

    If we can get David’s time machine to work, you guys can drive your new surplus MB/GPWs over and visit me in my new surplus P-51. Then if you dont mind, you can carry back all my old Winchesters.
    If only…

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