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Rusty’s New Speedometer

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UPDATER: The 0-10 early CJ-5 speedos did make it into early DJ-3As.

I found this NOS King-Seeley 0-9 speedometer core on eBay. I show it below next to my 0-8 face, whose day-glow white paint flecked off as I cleaned it. I can confirm it is the same size and seems to have the identical parts (though the gears may differ slightly given it goes to 90mph).

The 0-8 speedometers (manufactured in mid-to late 1955) were installed in early 1956 DJ-3As (as well as a few other models, CJ-5 being one). Later in 1956, Willys moved to the 0-9 white face speedometer core. About a year later (sometime in 1957?) Willys moved to the familiar 0-9 orange face. The early CJ-5 0-10 speedometer clusters made it into a few DJ-3As. One side note, those early 0-10 CJ-5 clusters were almost, but not quite identical to the Aero clusters.


The seller has more units. You can purchase the 0-9 unit on eBay here:



8 Comments on “Rusty’s New Speedometer

  1. Gary

    wishful thinking if Willys thought these trucks could go 80 MPH let alone 90! Mine is all done at 50-55.

  2. frankthecrank58

    steep hill, neutral and a tail wind. 80 mph and white knuckles! maybe a bit of a mess in the shorts as well. don’t ask how I know

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I have no desire to test the speedometer’s upper end!! I will take it on faith that at 55mph or more it is accurate 🙂

  4. Dan B.

    Never knew that the CJ can with the 0-10 speedo; I thought that was just the Aeros. Thanks Dave. Learned something today.

  5. Lew

    I would guess that if dropped off a cliff and allowed to achieve terminal velocity, due to advanced aerodynamic design, few Jeeps would approach 80 mph straight down. Chances of survival might be thin but any that did survive should be expected to climb back up the same cliff. This would be the vehicle of my choice for all personal cliff drops.

  6. Dan B.

    @Matt, new ones are rare as hen’s teeth. You may try posting a want ad on and/or calling Willys Truck Warehouse, Montana Overland, etc.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Matt, I’ve never used my King Seeley 0-9 speedometer (I only have the speedo gauge with it, not the fuel or temp gauge. I bought it for $120 on eBay and would be willing to sell it to you for the same amount. If you are interested, email me at

    – Dave

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