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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Auctioned for $46,750

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UPDATE: Sold for $46,750.

This 1960 DJ-3A Surrey will be auctioned in January of 2017 by Sotheby’s. The jeep is described as a “beautifully presented flawless restoration”. That statement is followed by a series of inaccurate statements regarding the history of DJ-3A, such as the DJ-3A was introduced in 1955 (nope 1956). You can see all the pics and information here:


As Colin pointed out to Sotheby’s, despite some great work on this, there are actually numerous flaws with this restoration:

  1. Front bumper is from a 1948-49 Willys Jeepster, way too wide for a DJ3A Surrey.
  2. Valance panel behind the front bumper is too long, as it has to cover the Willys Jeepster front bumper brackets.
  3. Air filter is from a 1945-1949 Willys CJ2A 4WD Jeep and is made by Oakes.  The correct air filter should be either a small 7 inch dry air filter attached to the carburetor alone or a Donaldson oil bath air filter that attaches in the same position as the Oakes filter on this Jeep.
  4. The Fram oil filter is of the larger heavy duty unit, not the smaller one used by the civilian 4 cylinder Jeeps from 1946-1964.
  5. The windshield straps are incorrect, using webbed belts instead of vinyl with center buckle and three grommets, no additional adjusters on the straps at all.
  6. Windshield grab handles were chrome on Surreys, as were the side mirrors.
  7. The rear bumper is 1948-49 Willys Jeepster, has Willys Overland stamped into the center of the bumper and is too wide for a Surrey.  Surrey chrome bumpers were plain, without  the Willys Overland script.  Willys dropped the Overland part of the scripting for the 1950 models, but kept the Willys script on the 1950-51 Jeepsters and station wagon rear bumpers from 1950 through 1963 when the last of the old square bodies were used and the new Wagoneer station wagon debuted.
  8. The speedometer reads in kilometers, rather than miles per hour.  Surreys and all DJ3A Jeep speedometers read in miles per hour and calibrated from 0 through 9 after 1958.  0-8 for 1956- early 1958.  Kilometers were used on export Jeeps.

16 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Surrey Auctioned for $46,750

  1. Colin Peabody

    It was for sale last January here in Phoenix for $44,900. That’s when I first saw it. I didn’t get to look under the hood then, but was able to notice the rest of the items. I do like the coco mats on the floor though.

    Unless the seller has a reserve on it, it might go for around $25K

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Colin … I appreciate your insights on this one.

    Having done a bunch of research on speedometers for my DJ, I can tell you that the one installed on this Surrey is widely available on eBay and listed as a replacement speedometer for jeeps ’55-’79, but in some cases it doesn’t mention it is in kilometers. Instead, it lists it as
    MPH/KPH ….. 140 MPH.

    I suspect someone got confused and thought this speedometer was in MPH rather than KPH, which isn’t too surprising given the misinformation within the ad.

  3. Mike

    So what’s the opening bid price on this one? I hate to ask. Maybe we can do some “CROWD SOURCE FUNDING”.

  4. Colin peabody

    Since the auction doesn’t start for over a month, the Jeep is consigned. The opening bid will be established by the auctioneer at the time it goes on the block.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    An update … Sotheby’s responded with legitimate interest and is addressing his observations. The company confirmed that they don’t want to mislead anyone. Good for you Colin and good for Sotheby’s.

  6. Colin Peabody

    I was surprised to even get a response, and probably wouldn’t have from another high dollar local auction company. But they seemed sincere in their desire to provide accurate information about the Jeep. I don’t claim to be an expert, however there is a definition of the word expert that i might qualify under.

    Expert– X, the unknown quantity and the rest, A drip under pressure!

  7. Mike

    Bruce, This is a amazing story, how rare it is to get a first hand account. This made my day, so rewarding to hear facts, not fiction. Thanks for posting. Mike Finegan

  8. Colin peabody

    Bruce and all- thank you for the kind words and compliments, but the real expert was and is our late friend Bruce Agan, from whom I have learned so much about DJ3As and the Surreys!
    Bruce, I was really pleased to see the photos of your Pepsi Surrey in the 75 Years of Jeep in Toledo. As an unrestored original, it is the landmark for all Surreys and especially the rare Pepsi Cola models. Thanks to your grandfather for latching on to it over 50 years ago, to your father and you and Michael for keeping it in its original condition.

  9. Colin Peabody

    Any idea who bought it or where it is going? Been watching Barrett Jackson all afternoon. Crazy money! You can’t save people from themselves!

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