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Merry Christmas from Willys Am Tegernsee

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Just a few updates tonight. I’m behind on Christmas ….

Christian shared these season greetings from Germany:



4 Comments on “Merry Christmas from Willys Am Tegernsee

  1. Joe in Mesa

    What a great Christmas Pic. Fröhliche Weihnachten zu unseren Freunden in Tegernsee!
    All I want for Christmas is a ticket for me and my 42 GPW to Tegernsee …and Jan (can’t leave the co-pilot/navigator home) 🙂

  2. CeePee

    Hi Joe!
    Thank you very much. Gutes neues Jahr to you!
    Hope you got that ticket to Tegernsee and join us in July, when we’ll have our next Willys-am-Tegernsee reunion from July 7th through 9th.
    Have a great time – and: We’ll keep’em rolling!
    My best regrads

  3. CeePee

    Guten Morgen Dan,
    vielen Dank! Euch auch ein gutes neues Jahr!
    Good to know, that we have people even in California, who visit our website.
    Viele Grüße vom Tegernsee, which is in the middle of a snowstorm right now

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