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Traveller Traveling in Mexico

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Thanks to Sarah Staples for giving eWillys jeep experts a nod in her newest article. We helped her identify this wagon as a 1961 Traveller. She told me that the rarity of the vehicle helped her sell the travel piece to her editor. She wrote it for “Postmedia Driving, the driving section of newspapers across Canada.”



5 Comments on “Traveller Traveling in Mexico

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Good question Thomas.

    I figured the doors were swapped out for the fold down tailgate (and I don’t know how trivial or not that is). The side benches, the round rear wheel wells, the year of the wagon, plus the authors comments left me to conclude that this was in fact a Traveller. It’s possible that closer inspection might prove otherwise.

  2. Thomas Martin

    I agree about the rest of the points and had noticed a lack of rear window and then just looked at the article’s slideshow pics that I hadn’t seen last night and indeed it looks like the barn doors were replaced with a “custom” tailgate… So Traveller it must be….

    I love this site–great source of information!

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