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Sam’s Got a Wagon Problem in Elizabeth City, NC

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Sam wrote me for the first time asking if someone could evaluate some work done on his wagon. You can contact him at 252-330-9999 or

He wrote, “I have a 61 sw.In Oct 2014 made a deal to restore the truck for 6k and a 60 day time frame. 8k and 26 months later the truck returned as a total disaster. i need a willys expert to look at the truck in Chesapeake and write a critique of what it needs ,the work done and estimate of the $ needed to complete.I will gladly compensate you for you time and travel. Im in Elizabeth City NC 252-330-9999 Sam.The truck is on military hwy Chesapeake.”


One comment on “Sam’s Got a Wagon Problem in Elizabeth City, NC

  1. Mike

    Discouraging & disheartening to hear stories like this, but this is today’s reality. Too many scam artists making a quick buck in classic vehicles. This has always been my point of contention, the lure of big bucks gets in the way of one’s better judgement. A bit of advise based on my own experience; as a customer, never pay up front. Break the cost of the entire restoration into small pieces by paying for work done on completion of the work specified. This way you protect yourself from getting ripped off. Any reputable auto body, mechanic would go along with this method of payment. Always get a few recommendations and see in person examples of finished work. Everybody thinks they are experts now adays, in reality they are hobbyists tinkering on there own cars, big difference between the two. I restored my own 1962 wagon, because I enjoy the work, not because I want to make money. DIs my wagon show quality? no of course not, but then again, I’m not in the hole and pissed off at some half ass scam artist. Enough said.

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