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Searching For APUs

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Tom Sterndale has been building a database of existing APUs, a challenging task given how little they’ve been documented. As part of his effort, he hoped to identify these jeeps which were once listed on eBay.

Tom writes, “Help me prove that ebay is not a black hole out there some were sucking up all the Szekely APU’S.

  1. The four pictures of the four wheeled APU is a NC/5 Szekely used by the Navy up until the 70’s. Was on Ebay in 2010 would like to know were it is now.
  2. The pictures of the Tricycle APU’S are NC/1 Szekely’s they were on ebay in 2003 or 2006 I would also like to find   them or others like them.
  3. Both the  NC/5 and the NC/1 used Willys Jeep as a base.I have found some APU’S like the red and blue ones they all seam to be NA/3 Szekely built for the Air Force. I

I am trying to keep a data base of all units that I can find any body with a Szekely of any type I would like to be put in contact with them.”

1. Four Wheeled APUs:

20160530_111306 OR APU 5

2. Three-Wheeled APUs:
power unit 2

power unit 4

3. Custom power plant built on jeep frame:

ebay 1Ebay 2 Ebay 3 Ebay 6


2 Comments on “Searching For APUs

  1. Michael

    Just picked up a Szekely APU a few weeks ago, had no idea what it was when I got it other than an old Jeep with a weird hood .
    Located in Southern OR

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Michael,

    I’d love to see some pics of the hood and the dash of your jeep. I’ll also share Nick’s email with you; He’s pretty much the expert on these. Feel free to email me at d @


    – David Eilers

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