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Mahindra’s New THAR CRDe 4×4

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Maury spotted this new CJ-5-throwback design by Mahindra. They call it the THAR CRDe 4×4.!thar-CRDe/1



9 Comments on “Mahindra’s New THAR CRDe 4×4

  1. Bob

    why is it that everyone else gets cool stuff except us? A nice little diesel, nice little size of vehicle. Probably gets 30 mpg too. Of course we would screw it up with diesel exhaust fluid and all kinds of crap that would suck the performance out of it…

  2. Joe in Mesa

    If I did the conversion right, these are just $13,200 US dollars (8,89,413 rupee)… MSRP delivered to Delhi, but hey, it seems like a great price 🙂

  3. Steve Walkup

    I like the factory locker in rear, but IFS is just wrong for a jeep. Still I’ll bet they would sell pretty well over here, depending on what happens with import tariffs…

  4. Steve Walkup

    Joe, That’s independent front suspension. I may be old school, but Jeeps should have solid front axles.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks, guys. I’d have to agree with you. Wasn’t the independent front (and rear) suspension the problem with the M151 series “jeeps” we had when I was in the Army? Serious rollover issues with no real feeling you were even about to tip.

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