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Maury’s Foot Pedal Cure For His CJ-5

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Maury shared this cure for his foot pedal:

Like some others who have mid-60’s V6 CJs with the hanging (suspended) type accelerator pedal, I’ve found my ’67 CJ5 to be somewhat uncomfortable to drive over long, and even not-so-long distances due to the awkward placement and size of the original stock gas pedal. It’s no problem for me to reach the gas pedal with the front part of my foot when my heel is on the floor, as I wear a size 13 shoe. Even so, I’ve found that the muscles in the front of my shin frequently begin to ache from having to constantly hold my foot up at the angle necessary to depress the gas pedal.

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3 Comments on “Maury’s Foot Pedal Cure For His CJ-5

  1. Mike

    Thanks Maury, Great fix for a problem that’s been plaguing me for 40 years. Has always been a tired right foot driving my 67 V/6 CJ5. On long trips, even a swollen angle.

  2. Steve E.

    Excellently written article. I’ve been painfully driving my CJ-5 without a pedal on the rod. I don’t miss it, as it comes natural now. I enjoy the expressions from my friends who ask, “How do you drive this thing?” I’ve always been wanting to figure out what the best replacement would be. I now can just fix it without going through your research. Thanks Maury!

    **Steve E.**

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